A secure, cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence (BI) platform or API that deploys to your Azure environment or makes use of our shared Azure BI reporting capacity and provides an instant customizable delivery platform for your Power BI content with little or no code or development required.

If you have a library of Power BI reports and require a fully branded, cost effective Power BI report delivery platform that is completely integrated into the Microsoft’s Azure cloud service enabling reporting to your internal teams or clients…look no further. 

If you would like to have the benefit of Power BI reporting embedded into your work or client facing application but worry about the associated cost and development requirement, make use of our easy to implement API giving you lightening fast report generation, ease of integration and complete control.



Share content with users having access to specific content within the platform. All user activity is recorded and reported on. Full row level security is enabled.


Allow our expert business intelligence professionals to formulate a strategy to improve financial and operational efficiencies using insight from your underlying data.


Available on all platforms such as Mobile and Web. Users have no issue accessing their data when needed and on whatever device/browser they desire. (IE 9 and above)


Sharing of information has never been easier. We deliver reporting to you. Reports are sent via email or telegram and will include selected pages of the report being sent.


Dashboards are updated automatically. This can be setup with the click of a button so that your data is refreshed based on your needs.


Deployed in accordance with your IT policy, with complete security and confidentiality in mind. Use Claritech's cost effective shared capacity or your own.


Embedded Integration: Easy Analytics has made it easy to share your business analytics seamlessly.

System Availability: Easy Analytics is a secure platfrom accessible 24/7 from web or mobile.

Complete white label solution with core brand enablement and corporate indentity adherance.

Analytical reporting: Our trained professionals can assist you should there be a requirement.

Let the reporting come to you. Easy Analytics takes a proactive approach of enabling reports to come to you.

Shared time based reporting allows you to enable external insight off your controlled BI reports stack.


Our specialist team of engineers will work with you at any stage in the deployment process to ensure that all requirements are met.

Claritech can offer full system oversight, upgrades and management throughout the client engagement period.

Claritech offers a hosted (SaaS) or on-site solution. The solution is compatible with any web browser.



$ 499
  • Custom Theme
  • A3/A4 Shared Reporting Capacity
  • Custom Navigation
  • Row Level Security
  • Paginated Reporting Support
  • Sessions - Application Embedding
  • Multi-Tenant - 25 clients included (125 users)
  • Standard Support


$ 999
  • Custom Theme
  • A3/A4 Shared Reporting Capacity
  • Custom Navigation
  • Row Level Security
  • Paginated Reporting Support
  • Sessions - Application Embedding
  • Subscriptions - Scheduled Report Export
  • Dedicated - Single Tenant - Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Support
  • Optional: Ability to run off your own capacity - allowing you to only pay for the portal licenses - Annual license

* Users are limited to 5 users per client, billed per user thereafter at $5 (multi and dedicated)
* Contacts are limited to 5 per client where subscription services are allowed, billed at $2 per contact thereafter
* A Claritech Power BI pro license is required for secure and controlled workspace access at $10


Company A, had 150 users all using Power BI for sales insight across their various departments. In order to derive benefit from the newly introduced tool, each user had a Power BI Pro license costing $10 monthly. The dashboards, associated access and IP was all managed by a Power BI report developer. This was a significant investment in driving business efficiencies. Company A looked to Claritech for a solution –

Introduce Easy Analytics:

  • A significant cost saving was achieved in month one, reducing monthly running costs by approximately a third
  • A full company branded platform driving Company A’s brand
  • Easy to use functional enhancements: Teams integration, Outlook integration, simple report sharing and report subscriptions
  • Integrated Row Level Security controlling levels of insight
  • Easily managed report distribution to staff and executives


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